Sonntag, 31. Juli 2016

Tinkerforge IoT First Steps Java Project launched on Github

I launched the first steps Java project for learning Tinkerfor ge and IoT (Github).

It uses following hardware as my simple and low cost starter kit:

  • Master Brick
  • Segment Display 4x7 Bricklet
  • Teperature Bricklet
  • Ambient Light Bricklet
  • Accelerometer Prickelt

The newbie can start with some experiments or challenges:

  • Hello World
  • Simple Themometer
  • Thermomenter and Clock
  • Small weather station with temeperatur, time and illumination
  • Resource saving programming with Call Backs/Listeners
  • Ambient Light sensor as contactless display light switch
  • Accelerometer as contactless switch
Code examples helps to realize the challenges.

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